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Vol 9 No 2

MU Hosts 9th All-Asian Inter-Varsity Debating Championship 2002

by Mr. Barry Clements,
Business Administration Manager and Lecturer,
MU International College

The winning team from Anteneo De Manila.

     On May 14-22, 2002, Mahidol University International College (MUIC) hosted the 9th All-Asian Inter-varsity Debating Championship 2002. The All-Asians is an annual debating championship between Asian universities and tertiary level institutions, whose purpose is to offer a free exchange of ideas and encourage and support international contact and co-operation throughout the region. Another aim is to promote the expansion and support of debating in English in Asia as well as to encourage and motivate Asian debaters at all levels of international debating. In the All-Asians, students have a great opportunity to think and respond critically and spontaneously, and to master the skill of eloquent presentation.

     Nanyang Technological University in Singapore pioneered the first All-Asians in 1994, and managed to obtain support from other Asian universities. Since then, the tournament has spanned the Asian region, with eight universities from four different countries having acted as hosts, with MU the latest.

     The MUIC Debate Club has attended many national and international tournaments, and proved successful last year in their bid to host the 9th All-Asians. After a year of preparation, all the hard work certainly paid off. The tournament created history by breaking the records of all previous Asian Inter-varsity Debating Tournaments. It was the largest ever of its kind with over 104 teams and 120 adjudicators registering, the total number of participants being over 460. It also saw the largest number of participating nations, 11 countries in all including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Phillipines, Hong Kong, China, Japan, India, Pakistan, Cambodia and Vietnam. Many participants praised the MU All-Asians as being 'the best tournament so far', commending the fine quality of the debates as well as the organizing of the tournament, its success being attributed to having the largest-ever host institution organizing committee, with representatives from many Faculties on MU's Salaya Campus.

     The two teams making it to the finals were Ateneo De Manilla from the Phillipines and the Multimedia University from Malaysia. After vigorous competition, the adjudicators awarded the winner's trophy to Ateneo De Manilla.