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Vol 9 No 2

MU to Co-host 2002 ICLAS
Regional Scientific Meeting

     In order to promote interest and experience in laboratory animals, MU's National Laboratory Animal Center (NLAC), the International Council for Laboratory Science (ICLAS), the National Research Council of Thailand and the Thai Association for Laboratory Animal Science are jointly hosting the 2002 ICLAS Regional Scientific Meeting 'A Search for Quality and Better Welfare' on 20-22 November 2002 in Bangkok. The Meeting aims to promote improvement in laboratory animal quality, ethical reform in the use of laboratory animals and improved research outcomes, as well as establish a network of organizations that use and develop laboratory animal quality, both in Southeast Asia and around the world.

     The Meeting will combine lecture sessions, exchange activities and exhibitions, and participants will learn about new technology and research in laboratory animal science from leading academics and researchers. These include Dr. Steven P. Pakes, the President of ICLAS, of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA; Dr. Tatsuji Nomura, Vice President of ICLAS, founder of the Central Institute for Experimental Animals, Japan; and Dr. Pradon Chaikavanij, founder of the NLAC at MU.