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Vol 9 No 2

MU to Sponsor 2002 ASAIHL
Conference 'Vision 2020 Revisited'

     MU is preparing to host the 2002 Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHL) Conference 'Vision 2020 Revisited', dealing with contemporary issues in higher education, in Bangkok on 13 - 15 December 2002. The Conference will provide an opportunity for participants to engage in in-depth discussions on a diverse range of issues relating to Southeast Asian higher education, and to listen to prominent keynote speakers and presentation of papers from member countries. In keeping with the theme 'Vision 2020 Revisited', it will focus on higher educational development in the early years of the 21st century, specifically with a view toward outlining current areas of concern and developing methods for improving higher education by the year 2020.

     Various relevant sub-themes will be explored under the broad theme of developing new ideas for higher education delivery through placing a greater focus on research and innovation rather than just pure knowledge; and by making higher education more outwardly productive in order to meet society's changing needs, and preserve Southeast Asian culture, in an era of rapid globalization. Individual country reports and presentations on the Conference sub-themes will be featured. The event will be held at MU's Faculty of Science and involve speakers and participants from numerous countries in the Southeast Asian region.

     The featured sub-themes include 'Curriculum and Instruction', dealing with issues in Experience-based Curricula, Curriculum Standardization, Credit Transfer, Evaluation, and the ideas of Virtual Classroom, Virtual Library, and Virtual University; 'Innovation in Higher Education', dealing with Research and Development, Expanding the Frontiers of Higher Education, Knowledge Management, and Establishing Centers of Excellence; 'Southeast Asian Cultural Heritage Towards 2020', centering on Preservation and Development and the Role of Higher Education; and 'Changing Roles of Higher Education Towards 2020', focussing on Establishing and Maintaining Consortia, Effective Networking, Quality Assurance, and Collaboration, Cooperation and Competition.

     ASAIHL conferences provide regular opportunities for the discussion of academic and general university development, assist member institutions in the recruitment and placement of faculty, in faculty and student exchanges, and in the development of collaborative relationships. ASAIHL currently has over 150 member institutions located throughout Asia, Australasia and beyond. (For further information about the upcoming Conference, visit the website