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Vol 9 No 2

College of Music Students
Receive Study Abroad Scholarships

(Sitting, left to right) Mr. Yosapon Kunavipakorn, Ms. Alisa Leowarin and Ms. Promsorn Riewpakorn with their respective teachers Dr. Nopanand Chanarathaikul, Dr. Eri Nakagawa and Mrs. Tsui-Ping Wei standing behind them.

     MU College of Music students Ms. Alisa Leowarin and Mr. Yosapon Kunavipakorn, M. 6 Piano Major students in the Pre-College Program, and 3rd year Voice Major Bachelor degree student Ms. Promsorn Riewpakorn, were selected by audition to study abroad at Music Summer Camp in July and August. Ms. Alisa and Mr. Yosapon attended the 2002 International Institute for Young Musicians Summer Music Academy at the University of California Santa Barbara, USA, in August, and Ms. Promsorn attended the Amalfi Coast Music Festival and Institute in Italy in July.